Technical Information for Skillsoft Courses

Technical Information for Skillsoft Courses



Pop-up blockers must be disabled to launch a course. Click here for detailed instructions on disabling pop-up blockers or allowing pop-ups from our 3 sites.

Browser zoom must be set to 100% for the course window to display correctly. To reset the zoom to 100% on a Windows PC, open a browser window (not the course window). Hold down <CTRL> and tap the 0 (zero) key simultaneously. Be sure to use the 0 on the top row of your keyboard, not the 0 on the number pad. This will reset the zoom level to 100%. Now try to launch a course. If you continue to have trouble, be sure to also check your overall Windows display setting. It should also be set to 100% (or "smallest size" in Windows 8). Go to Control Panel, (Appearance and Personalization), Display.

If you are on a Windows PC using Internet Explorer 11 and the navigation bar at the bottom disappears, or you do not see the whole course window, or you are experiencing other problems with the course, the easiest fix is to switch to Firefox or Chrome. If you would prefer to try a temporary fix to Internet Explorer, please click here for detailed instructions.

Java is NO LONGER required to run Skillsoft courses on our e-Learning site, as long as you are using a current browser:

- Internet Explorer 10 or later (Internet Explorer 9 should also work after approximately April 15, 2015)

- Firefox 31 or later

- Chrome 29 or later

- Safari for the Mac or iPad 6 or later. Safari is the only browser that will work with the courses on the iPad.

iPads as well as most tablets are now supported. Remember to disable the pop-up blocker first as above. On an iPad, you must use the Safari browser only.

AOL browsers will NOT work with the courses (audio will not play).

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 and do NOT wish to upgrade or use another browser, you can still run the courses, but Java and Adobe Flash will be required. For detailed instructions on installing Java for Internet Explorer 8 or 9 only, please see our Java technical support document. Adobe Flash can be downloaded

Be sure that you do NOT have any viruses or malware! To remove and prevent malware, we recommend installing MalwareBytes: For virus protection, there are many popular anti-virus programs including Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, Kapersky, TrendMicro, Webroot and Vipre.

Click on the links below for information on solving problems:

PROBLEM: Message: "Loading title. One moment please.... " displays forever. Pop-up blockers must be disabled to launch a course.

PROBLEM: Navigation bar disappears or display shows overlapping text or I have to scroll down or to the right to see the whole course window.

PROBLEM: The course window displays an error containing "document.write".

PROBLEM: The courses launch, but when I click on a link within a course question, the learning aid window does not pop up.

PROBLEM: I went through the course more than once and passed the test, but it still shows that the course is not complete.

PROBLEM: On Safari 5.1.3 for the Mac, I cannot type in the boxes that ask for my thoughts during a course.

PROBLEM: How do I answer "matching" questions on the tests?

PROBLEM: When trying to open a certificate, I get a 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied" error.

Please call us if you need assistance or have questions, and we will be happy to help: 1-818-581-4888 or (800) 207-1306, Option 2 for Technical Support.

If we are unavailable and you need immediate support, you can call Skillsoft Technical Support at 1-866-754-5435. They are available 24x7.

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